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Moving Advice


•    Purchase packaging supplies at least few days before you move. See Packaging
•    Know what you want taken and what is to be left.
•    Clean before moving day.
•    Start packing essential items
•    Check your home insurance and make sure you have cover from when you move in to your new home.
•    Label all boxes displaying destination room, contents and fragile items.
•    Keep a few spare boxes for the day of the move
•    Get rid of the rubbish before moving day.
•    Notify the relevant utility companies for your move.

Transplant Plants in clay pots to Unbreakable plastic Containers

Ceramic pots full of dirt and plants can be heavy and awkward to move and are easily breakable. To protect both the plant and any expensive pots, transplant the plants into plastic containers big enough for the size of the plant and their roots, two or three weeks before your moving day.
Transplanting is a shocking experience for plants, and moving day can be tough on them too. It is wise to transplant them plenty of time in advance to allow them time to recuperate and be strong enough for moving day.
Transplanting your plants into clean plastic pots and sterilized potting soil also provides an opportunity for you to look them over and check for any pest infected areas. This will give you enough time to treat the problem before you move.

We provide a range of different sized boxes, tape, packing paper, and wardrobes boxes. We offer a personal packing service and free advice.

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